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Darkness Within
Can the night provide the answers
That we miss throughout the day?
Is your dark side buried deeply?
Or does it lay in wait?
The beast that lurks in all of us
Cannot be denied,
And control will come much easier,
If you accept the other side.
Don't let it free to take your will,
But know that it is there,
As every bit a part of you
As all that's good and fair.
Do you really know yourself?
Have you looked beneath your skin?
Can you accept what you might find
If you really look within?
:iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 5 8
School's In!!! by SpectreOfShades School's In!!! :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 5 3 Neat Petite by SpectreOfShades Neat Petite :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 5 2 Something's Afoot!!!! by SpectreOfShades Something's Afoot!!!! :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 3 1 Greetings From Down Under! by SpectreOfShades Greetings From Down Under! :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 6 1 I Think I Fancy a Peach..... by SpectreOfShades I Think I Fancy a Peach..... :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 2 3
Crisis Block
Am I becoming stereotyped?
Lines the same as if they're piped?
Are my clever words no more than cloning?
Skilful rhymes just so much droning?
Messages from within me
Brave the struggle to be free.
Yet all along between the lines
A centre being cries and pines.
In every word built like construction
Are elements born of destruction.
My mind seemingly goes one way
If not black, then darkly grey.
Should I birth the words in this medium?
Or is it really just so much tedium?
I want to write not knowing what I seek
But all the phrases seem so bleak.
:iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 6 3
Roots 'n' All by SpectreOfShades Roots 'n' All :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 5 3 Ducks and Drones by SpectreOfShades Ducks and Drones :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 2 0 This Stick's Bark is Worse Than its Bite!! by SpectreOfShades This Stick's Bark is Worse Than its Bite!! :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 28 4 Blossoming by SpectreOfShades Blossoming :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 4 0
Amber Dreaming
Dancing with the Devil
And the deep blue sea,
Eternal amber surrounding me,
Nowhere to go and no way to leave
Can't this all be make believe?
Maybe it is and maybe I'm dreaming,
Who can see the grander scheming?
Would that this could all be fake
Oh, to dream, perchance to wake.
:iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 2 0
Big Bird Halloween by SpectreOfShades Big Bird Halloween :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 1 0
I think I am a cutter,
Not physically, I mean;
My self-destructive tendencies
Leave scars that can't be seen.
When everything is okay
And things are going well,
It's a sure fire bet I'll ruin it
And all will turn to hell.
I fear that I an losing it;
The Black Dog's grip is strong;
I really can't go on like this,
I know it won't be long.
The jaws of gloom grow tighter
And even though I try,
The only way out that I see
Is actually to die……
:iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 18 8
Would the Tour Party all please look to your left. by SpectreOfShades Would the Tour Party all please look to your left. :iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 25 5
RECOGNITION. (#5 in The Dark Angel Saga.)
Classidia cried within the dark
For the sweet life-blood and love she craved,
She has not fed for three nights now,
Since her undead life was saved.
Endless questions without answers
Repeated in her tortured brain;
Just how could one such as she,
Ever, fall in love, again?
But her heart would not let her forget,
The face she saw when she awoke,
Of the mortal that had rescued her,
Or his deep, rich voice, when he spoke.
There was no doubt within her now
He was her long dead lover;
Killed years ago by Nemset
She knew, she could love, no other.
What cruel games did fate conspire
That he should be reborn?
To save The Dark Angle of the night
From the coming of the dawn?
But these thoughts would have to wait,
Classidia knew, she had to feed,
And flew from her dark hiding place
To find the blood, to slake her need.
A choked off scream told the story
That another villainous life had ended,
And Classidia glowed with eerie beauty,
As if that, was what the Gods, intended.
Her strength restored, s
:iconspectreofshades:SpectreOfShades 2 5

Random Favourites

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Look at me and pray do tell
What in me you think you know so well
I am never what I appear to be
I chose very carefully what you will see
Minute by minute I change my face
I change my colors with well taught grace
From early on I learned to fade away
Become invisible, no longer prey
So look very closely and you will see
A reflection only of what you want me to be
A magic image of your desire
Hidden behind the darkling fire
:iconice-queen-blue:ice-queen-blue 8 2
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Moments of Life (in 10).
Sitting in class, wondering
What I'll eventually do with my life.
This job, that job,
Married, children, grandchildren,
Contemplating my values.
Do I follow what I am
Supposed to?
How will I raise my family?
I liked this, but not that.
I'll figure it out someday.
-I didn't brush my teeth-
-that guy is cute-
-my haircut is tomorrow-
On a beautiful day,
I get this feeling
Nothing else matters
But enjoyment of it.
Like every person
Who has ever
Felt the same way
On the
Same day.
Sitting up at night
Listening to cicada chorus
When I hear my mother
Awake screaming and crying.
My father- "Sweetheart, what's wrong?
Honey, what's wrong?
Dear, are you alright?"
"Such a terrible dream."
"Shhh, it wasn't real.
You're safe here
In my arms."
Getting sucked into
A good book.
Finishing it, and not
Remembering what reality
Who am I?
And slowly, reluctantly,
Knowledge of yourself
You must go about
Life as before
:iconyour-oceanic-eyes:your-oceanic-eyes 4 6
Me with cho by JULIAWA Me with cho :iconjuliawa:JULIAWA 12 26
When I was younger,
I never had any boyfriends,
Or talked to the boys I liked,
Because I was afraid of rejection.
Now that I look back on that,
I think it was stupid to be scared.
Especially over boys.
They aren't worth it.
But sometimes it is okay to be afraid.
Afraid that your father wont love you anymore.
Afraid that your mother won't care for your needs.
Afraid that you wont get a job.
Afraid of getting help.
Afraid that what you need,
You wont get.
There have been many days,
That I have just been rejected.
My own father has rejected me.
The person that could have helped me,
Rejected me.
My own lover let me go,
Forever rejecting me from that moment.
I just wish the world wasn't filled with rejection.
Then maybe people could get through the day,
With a smile on their face.
Instead of eating their heart out.
Instead of thinking of all the bad things in their life.
Instead of thinking of different ways to kill yourself.
Just everyone being happy.
Is that so hard world?
Is it?
:iconlovingdestiny:LovingDestiny 11 16
Llama Poem
Fellow Llama lovers,
When life gets you down,
don't frown.
Share a Llama with a stranger,
don't worry there's no danger.
Llama's hold the key to happiness,
with their fuzzy hair and camel-likeness.
Their pointy ears and toothy grins,
give in to the llama's its not a sin.
You know you can't resist,
that cute little face.
Share the love for the almighty Llama.
:icongrafixgirlireland:GrafixGirlIreland 24 22



Big Update

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 8, 2012, 5:26 PM
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Hi there. I have just finished doing a big update on my Gallery.

There are now 10 new pieces. I hope you find something you like.
I will get around to adding them into some Groups soon. (I hope).   :)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi there. Firstly; the Image above is NOT me! Though it was taken and Manipulated by me.

I am a loner, both by nature and by choice. I guess I find some escapism with photography and definitely with writing.
I am pretty diverse in my tastes and I like to mix my Gallery uploads so there is a bit of variety.
I am pretty complex actually and don't like to be stereotyped. My Poetry style is all sorts and though I have written Inspirational Poetry etc; the Darker stuff is probably more ME, to be honest. That's when I really put my feelings; heart and soul into things.

Please check out my Gallery whilst you are…

Inside you will find Sub-Folders for the following:

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Dark Angel Saga ~ Ongoing 5 part Vampire Epic Poem.

Scenic etc.

Also; please check this page for my Collections ~

"Favourites"; also; "Flights of Fantasy" AND "

Girls That Make a Guys Heart Melt!"

This is an ongoing and growing project. There is a more detailed 'Blurb' within this particular collection.

All of these Collections are by wonderfully talented Members of deviantART.

Thank you so much for your visit and support!


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